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Oil painting showing an industrial landscape with smoldering slag heaps and smoking chimneys.


Oil painting showing a large, busy gathering of people in front of a church. To the left is a stall where a family are trading. There is a large stage where a performance is taking place.


Oil painting showing the arrival of a travelling merchant ("cheap jack") to a Flemish town. The market square is full with crowds of people who are shouting and laughing.

Narrative paintings

Gulls perch on the rooftops of old Polperro. They swarm around the young girl in the green cotton dress who throws bread to them. The day is bright, and the sunlight gleams off the bright slate roofs, and the whitewashed walls. The artist sits high on the hillside, and looks down on the river-boats. One steams down the river, only the plume of smoke visible behind the houses. And on the street, a couple walk down to the river, the girl wearing a white summer dress.

Oil Paintings

Etching of Throwley hall, Throwley Hall is in the background with several figures in the foreground.

Works on Paper

Oil painting showing a shipwreck off the coast. A rowing boat is going out to the wreck. On the shore a group of men are pointing to a barrel which is floating in from the wreck.


Marble Sculpture 114.3 x 38.1 cm


A watercolour showing a bleak industrial landscape. In the distance there are industrial buildings and factories with large chimneys, they are belching thick smoke. There is a man with a small dog in the foreground.

Watercolour Paintings

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