The fine art collections held by the museums, galleries and archives in the Black Country are very varied, here we highlight some of the artists represented in our collections – click on an image below to see┬áthe art works we hold by that artist.

This is only a small selection of artists who feature in our collections, if you can’t see the artist you are interested in simply type their surname into the search box on the right and then click on the search button.

Edwin Butler Bayliss

Edwin B Bayliss (1874-1950)

Shows the end of a ship, in its port. Workers are seen on, and around the ship.

Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956)

Watercolour painting of Netherton Hall, Dudley

Paul Braddon (1864-1938)

Self Portrait by Henry Challi

Henry Challis (1867-1962)

Battle Scene painted

David Cox (1783-1859)

Chromolithograpy of Trafalgar Square, it is commemorating the marriage of H.R.H. Albert Edward Prince of Wales and H. R. H. Alexandra Princess of Denmark.

Robert Dudley (1826-1900)

A Misty Morning by Alfred EAST

Alfred East (1844-1913)

Elms at Trysull by Robert J Emerson

Robert J Emerson (1878-1944)

Etching of a brick shop front with buildings on either side of the shop. Print.

John Fullwood (1854-1931)

Shows a mans head and shoulders. He is wearing a hat.

Paolo Fidanza (1731-1819)

Watercolour painting of Siston near Bath

Amos Green (1735-1807)

Oil painting showing a simple domestic setting. A woman is standing on a stool whitewashing the walls around a fireplace. An artist is walking through the door with a canvas- he looks shocked and horrified.

Frederick D Hardy (1827-1911)

This colour print shows five figures in a brightly lit room, The central figure is dressed in black and talking to the four other figures, one of which is a small child.

Louis Haghe (1806-1885)

The Young Shrimpers by William K Keeling

William K Keeling (1807-1886)

Head and upper torso of Sir John Franklin

Thomas Phillips (1770-1845)

Road through Hilly Landscape by Henry Pope

Henry Pope (1843-1908)

Mill and Church by Samuel PROUT

Samuel Prout (1784-1852)

A seascape showing rough waves rolling onto the beach where a woman and child stand looking out to sea.

Frank Short (1857-1945)

A painting of a fair in the foreground. In the background we can see the great tower of St. Peters Church.

Joseph Turner (1775-1851)

Portrait of Percy Shakespeare's nephew, Alan Bradley and Rex the dog.

P. Shakespeare (1906-1943)

John Masefield by William Strang

William Strang (1859-1921)

Engraving print of The Duke of Bedford.

George Vertue (1683-1756)

A Quiet Evening by James Webb

James Webb (1825-1895)

Houses on Waste Ground Cradley Gas Works by Brian Yale

Brian Yale (1936-2009)

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