Top 20

Our top twenty artworks chosen by our curators from across the gallery collections. A great introduction to artists and paintings you might not have heard of before.

Oil painting of a landscape. The leaves on the trees next to the lake are golden

Autumn Afterglow by Alfred East

Half length portrait by Percy Shakespeare showing a young woman with with a bag over her shoulder and the Rhine in the background

On the Rhine by P Shakespeare

The heads of six figures can be seen. The man on the left, and the two on the far right are bearded. The hands of the third figure on the left can be seen on another mans shoulder.

Heads Raphael by P Fidanza

Paul Seawright was commissioned by The Imperial War Museum to go to Afghanistan following 9/11 and the fall of the Taliban government.

Horizon by P Seawright

An old man sits looking crestfallen, his hat is in his hands and his dog sits by his knee. A young woman stands behind the man, her handkerchief to her mouth looking towards a white hourse that is being sold.

Old Dobbin by J R Reid

The Interior View of Dudley Castle with the Loyal Association of the Town and Neighbourhood as assembles on 9th August 1798 to celebrate the Birthday of the Honble ? Ward

Parade Dudley by Thomas Phillips

A dark haired woman in a green top and blue skirt stands. in front of her are 4 cakes

Girl with Cakes by C Wood

Most of Turner's paintings were of landscapes and marine subjects but he did have an interest in the industrial revolution and its impact on society. This picture was painted sometime between 1830 and 1832 following a visit to Dudley in 1830. With the castle and church in the background, symbols of traditional life, and furnaces and canal boats in the foreground, the painting illustrates the dramatic changes that the country was going through at the time. The old mount was inscribed 'A gift from the Artist to David Cox'.

Dudley Castle by JMW Turner

An oil landscape showing people hard at work in a field making hay two women are the prominent characters in the foreground.

Haymaking by B W Leader

Oil painting showing a black and grey industrial landscape. Blast furnaces and chimneys are visible in the background with flecks of orange flame. The sky is black and grey.

Blast Furnaces by EB Bayliss

Oil painting showing Stonehenge. The sky is cloudy and dramatic with tones of red, orange, grey and white.

Stonehenge by HM Anthony

Oil painting the head and front legs of a tiger, in profile, facing to the left. The tiger is standing by water in a green leafy landscape. The tiger is bearing its teeth.

A Tiger by Charles Towne

Oil painting showing a desert scene. There are two large working camels in the foreground, one lying and one standing. There are men sitting and standing.

Halt the Desert by W Luker

Oil painting showing a widowed mother in full black mourning costume sitting next to her sleeping infant child.

Widowed by LJB Perrault

A watercolour painting showing a domestic interior. A rotund man is seated at a table holding a stick while a lady stands next to him with her hand placed on his. She is pointing to a lady standing in the doorway behind her.

Falstaff by JK Meadows

An oil painting showing a harbour scene. There are two church spires in the distance. One sail boat is prominent in the foreground.

Harbour by James Webb

An oil painting of a young girl dressed in pink and blue wearing a bonnet attending to a baby in a cradle. They are situated on a doorstep at an open door.

Minding Baby by WH Ward

An oil painting of a brown and white horned bull's head. It is holding it's head over a fence.

Bulls Head by EJ Verboeckhoven

An oil painted landscape showing a coastal scene of waves rolling up a sandy beach. There is an outcrop of cliffs in the distance.

Scene River Avon by John Syer

A portrait of two young girls. One girl has her arm round the other and is stroking a dog. The other girl is cradling the dog.

The Sisters by Charles Baxter

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